Bar 5/4

Café, Lunch, Aperitif

The best thing that can happen to us in life is to leave a good memory. In the people we meet, in the little pieces of life we ​​share with someone, it was a day, a month or years. From the beginning of our activity in 2011 we have tried to create a place with a cheerful and carefree atmosphere that can completely envelop the customer who enters our door. We have tried to grow with our business, to give our customers what we believe to be the best in terms of quality, hospitality and reliability.

You should never take anything for granted and that’s why we try to improve and improve ourselves every day so that the customer can be more and more satisfied.
They say that difficult roads often lead to wonderful destinations and therefore … we are ready for this challenge !!!!!!

If you want to surround yourself with happy people in a cozy, clean and refined room, you just have to visit us !!!

… and with this quote by Carlo Goldoni we invite you to come and visit us

Piacere è andar in compagnia, ora ad una locanda ora ad un'osteria, far preparar talvolta la cena ad un casino, far che serva da cuoco l'oste del Pellegrino, e ridere, burlare e bere una bottiglia...

Carlo Goldoni
Bollino Blu Ristorazione 2016
Best bar in Piemonte 2019
Restaurant Guru 2021
Restaurant Guru 2022
Restaurant Guru 2022

The place.

The Bar was born in 2011 and was taken over at the beginning of 2015 by Mr. Alberto Cantarella who, relying on his work experiences in the world of entertainment and sport (in the very famous Juventus) tried to make this place a dynamic, cheerful and colorful place that may delight both the few hours or the whole days that the customer intends to spend with us.

The events.

The occasions to celebrate never fail: from classic birthdays to corporate events, to vernissages, passing through graduations, up to year parties and anything else. The calendar helps giving you various opportunities to celebrate: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Women’s Day. Let’s not forget the more “serious” parties like weddings and communions. The staff of the Bar 5/4 will be happy to put at your disposal not only the location but a solution that will allow you to save time, space and organizational efforts by offering you quality, service, seriousness and competence.

We will try to fulfill your every little wish so that your event becomes unique and unrepeatable