About us

Alberto Cantarella

Bar 5/4 addresses to any type of target customer whether they are young, differently young, families, foreign tourists and/or Italians.

The Bar was born in 2011 and was taken over at the beginning of 2015 by Mr. Alberto Cantarella who, relying on his work experiences in the world of entertainment and sport (in the very famous Juventus) tried to make it a dynamic, cheerful and colorful place that may delight both the few hours or the whole days that the customer intends to spend with us.

The customer when he crosses the threshold of a room for the first time must remain “struck” by what surrounds him and therefore we with our “madness”, with the colors of our bar, with the unusual furniture, with our dishes , cocktails and cafeteria we try to spend hours in tranquility and carefree to those who want to come and visit us.