Our cellar

Dear guest, we offer you the choice between these wines because I consider them interesting, suitable for the dishes and the level of the restaurant as well as the taste that we like to offer to those who sit with us. Confident that you will find
something interesting, do not hesitate to confront us to choose the right bottle: we are here for this.

Some of our wines

Barbera d'Alba

Purple ruby color, fruity scent reminiscent of blackberry, cherry and strawberry. Dry taste, full bodied taste. Excellent with cheese, boiled meat and cheese.

Dolcetto d'Alba

Wine with a red-purple color I mean with violet reflections and a fresh and fruity scent of red fruits and a slightly almond finish. It goes well with meat appetizers.

Gewurztraminerun superb white

With particular aromatic characteristics and excellent fruity, floral and broken notes. Round wine is structured. Excellent aperitif, ideal for fish and shellfish based foods, it can be drunk alone to appreciate the pleasures of wine

Sweet Moscato

Intense straw yellow color and typical bouquet, aromatic and delicate. On the palate sweet and balanced. Perfect in combination with fruit and dessert.

Roero Arneis

It goes beautifully with appetizers, fish and delicate dishes in general but can also be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Prosecco Superiore doc

Refined sparkling wine with a straw color, with an elegant, fine and persistent perlage. A delicate bouquet of acacia and wisteria flowers combined with fruit fragrances such as pear and peach. Perfect as an aperitif


White wine produced in the numerous municipalities of the province of Benevento. Dry wine with a pleasant and harmonious taste, it goes well with fish, roast white meat.

Freisa di Chieri DOP

Bright red color, characteristic scent of raspberry. Full and soft taste, pleasantly delicate. Full-bodied wine, soft-smelling and full-bodied, excellent with poultry, noble pollen, boiled meat and mixed fried fish.

Bonarda DOC

Wine from Oltrepò Pavese of intense ruby red color. Sweet fruity sometimes with hints of black pepper. It has a dry, sweet taste, slightly tannin, sometimes lively or sparkling. Balanced and complete


It is a light pink wine tending to cherry, with a balanced bouquet of flowers and fruit, a dry, harmonious and sapid taste.
It is obtained with a partial contact of the must with the pomace, because from these it is possible to extract the color and some fundamental substances.