At our restaurant it is also possible to organize birthday parties, weddings or any other occasion that is important to you.
We will put our Bar at your disposal, our expertise, offering you availability, courtesy, punctuality and last but not least, the quality of a higher level.

Gastronomic preparations

One of the objectives of Bar 5/4 is to enhance the gastronomic specificities linked to the tradition of our splendid region which is Piedmont.

In the preparation of our dishes we always try to insert products at Km 0 and to follow the seasonality of the raw materials.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

At the Bar 5/4 it is possible to taste fabulous aperitifs and / or cocktails with or without platter of cold cuts to be able to spend moments in absolute tranquillity and privacy while enjoying typical Piedmont products.

Control of production processes

Within the premises the binding regulation is respected as regards the possession of health authorizations, the HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Points), good hygienic practices.

environmental Protection

Our restaurant has paid particular attention to the environment because it is furnished with cardboard tables, chairs and bookcases which, in addition to being very light, resistant, natural, are ECOFRIENDLY and completely for the protection of the environment.
Furthermore, the lighting is led to avoid excessive energy consumption and the waste is differentiated and disposed of in compliance with what was established by the Municipality of Turin for the location area of the premises.